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A couple of days in the Lithography workshops at Camberwell College. I’ve been taking some paintings I made of Hampton Court Palace and redrawing them onto metal plates and litho printing them - the printmaking workshop is so calming and nice to work in!


A tribute to My Mad Fat Diary. It finished off my summer with joy and heart-wrenching break-ness. Words don’t work for me either so painting will have to do. I hope this expresses how I feel towards the show, its characters and the actors too (but lets keep pretending they don’t exist).  

Acrylic on Catridge

Memory drawing of Hampton court palace

When I was studying my foundation at AUB, I did a quite drawing study using paint of a bricked tunnel way and the contrast and composition of the drawing felt truly like it was pulling the viewer into the image! I saw Lea Stewart produce a risograph zine using the same technique and I thought it about time I dust the cobwebs off and bring the technique to life again! The bricks went a bit spannery but they achieve a good affect!!


Here is my visual solution towards illustrating the word ‘silence’ for this week’s Illustration Friday topic. A triptych of screenshots from the library scene inMonsters University (2013). I like submitting things for IF, it’s a fun little activity each week!

All rights reserved by Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures.

Holiday in Southern France.

Digital illustration for a 2 colour, riso printed zine - a collaboration between some class mates and myself.The theme was ‘holiday’ and I chose to illustrate some friends together on their holiday in south France. 

Holiday Motel - riso print (3 colour)

OH YEAAAH! So the painting I posted yesterday was something I made in order to riso print at Hato Press, where I have been interning at over summer. I am making some notebooks/sketchbooks with illustrated covers! I have been playing around with CMYK channel splitting my paintings and then printing each layer using Blue, Pink, Yellow and Black riso colours.

The books will be on sale once printed and bound!!

Holiday Motel

Nothing like spending the day painting! This one is acrylic on cartridge paper. There isn’t much to this painting really, I just a photo of this sign and thought ‘I like this. I’d like to paint this’. It is of a sign in Las Vegas, you can see the reference photo here. 


After the two day Illustration Symposium at Arts university Bournemouth, I am ready to make some more work!!!

Hey :) sorry if this is the completely wrong person, but if I am right you were super lovely and gave me your business card at the brighton show and I was super silly and misplaced it but I stumbled upon you on twitter. Lovely blog either way :)

A question by catherinefaulkner

Hi Catherine, yes that was me! haha that is the nature of business cards isn’t it! I end up have a bag that I keep all the ones I pick up after going to shows. Ah thanks, I am currently remodeling my tumblr to be more blog like but allow to view more images at the same time! How have you been?

Last weekend I visited Hampton Court Palace and I had a marvelous time whilst I was there! I did plenty of drawings too - here is the full sketchbook.

During the weekend I visited Hampton Court Palace. It was a great place do do lots of drawings! Here are a couple of the sketches from my venture.

IT’S FINISHED!!! ohhappydays So I’ve been working on a series of small drawings of Hampton Court Palace over the past couple of days. And now this page in my sketchbook is done…onto the next one! Ahh, I do love what I do!

I’ve been making some really small ink studies of Hampton Court Palace (FROM MY MIND) before I visit it for the first time tomorrow ^_^